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Triblade Series

A Kenwood hand blender gives you all the tools to develop your culinary skills and prepare your meals. Offering a compact, quick and convenient solution, you can blend, whisk, chop, mash and puree.
Out of Stock Triblade Hand Blender HDP109WG
Triblade Hand Blender HDP109WG 0W22110021
  • Powerful Motor
  • Turbo Function
  • Triblade™ System Technology
Out of Stock Triblade System Hand Blender HDP406WH
Triblade System Hand Blender HDP406WH 0W22111014
  • Powerful Motor
  • Triblade™ System Technology
  • Variable Speed
  • Changeable Attachments
  • Suregrip™ Touchpoints
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Compact, quick and convenient

Our hand blenders feature changeable tool attachments for whatever you want to create, so you can spend more time coming up with your new creations with the right tools for the job, all whilst using up minimal kitchen cupboard space.

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Go beyond blending

You can prepare so much with the attachment tools. Think fluffy meringues, smooth mashed potato, sauces for stews, silky soups and quick to make cake batter. All with the quick change of an attachment. And there's no limit to batch sizes as you can blend straight into your bowl or saucepan.

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Triblade™ technology

We design things a certain way for a reason. Our three angled blades are no exception, ensuring they make light work of even the toughest ingredients to achieve quick and consistent blending and chopping.

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