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Triblade Hand Blender HDP102WG


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Product details

This 600W Triblade blending wand is a kitchen essential; ideal for the blending of perfect soups, smoothies and purees and for effortless whisking. A calibrated beaker and whisk attachment are included in pack.

What’s in the box


This hand blender comes with a variety of attachments to allow you to blend, whisk or puree. Perfect for quick and easy meals, food preparation or batch cooking.

Key Features

Maximum blending performance
Maximum blending performance The three angled blades of our Triblade System™ ensure all ingredients are reached and blended exactly as you need, and in less time. Whether you’re making a smooth pie filling or a creamy guacamole, they’ll be able to tackle it perfectly and effortlessly.
Versatile hand blenders
Versatile hand blenders Our hand blenders come with a variety of attachments, helping you to get creative in the kitchen.
Comfort and simplicity
Comfort and simplicity The textured grip handle will help you control your blending, so you can create the perfect texture for your tasty dishes.
Triblade™ System Technology
Triblade™ System Technology Designed to achieve great results, whatever you want to make, this design ensures no ingredient is left behind and everything is consistently blended and chopped.
Powerful Motor
Powerful Motor The 600W motor can chop and blend hard and soft ingredients.
Turbo Function
Turbo Function In addition to the set speed, the turbo function gives you greater control for when your ingredients need that extra bit of power.


general specifications

Speeds: 1
Size (LxWxH) (cm): 7.3 x 7.3 x 35.5
Body material: Plastic
Weight (kg): 0.75
Colour: White & green
Wand material: Plastic


Beaker: Yes
Beaker material: Plastic
Whisk: Yes
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Triblade Hand Blender HDP102WG

Triblade Hand Blender HDP102WG

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